Oh Franciscan, You're My Decision

     So there is something every teenager in high school is confronted with and asked about from numerous amounts of people - college and what they desire to be. It has been very stressful ,here in my mind, lately because of these decisions. Just this month I have finally got an idea of what I want to become and where my passions are found. So, once I figured that out,  my first instinct was to find a good college that has what I'm looking for. -For those of you who don't know me, I am very picky about plenty of things (men, food, school, work, etc.) and if they don't contend to my desires then my time won't be spent on them.- As I'm looking for colleges that have what I need I'm slowly getting depressed because it seems as if no college in Louisiana has a decent class for a girl looking to become a Secondary Educator in Theology. Although, there is one school called Our Lady of Holy Cross College in New Orleans that actually has exactly that major (which is awesome), but unfortunately they can't even compare to the Theology degree at Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio.
     It's sort of like having seen the cutest kitten and having fallen in love with it, although you have to leave it for awhile you are still able to go back in the near future and adopt the kitten and love it till the end of it's kitty life. You won't pick the kitten's mean, frisky brother; You would head straight for the kitten you first fell in love with, right?! Well I believe this is an inaccurate insight because I see all kittens of any sort as adorable, but it described my experience with Franciscan University. Although OLOHCC is not mean and frisky.
     Considering the fact that I just converted to Catholicism this year it is SO very important that I attend a college that is passionate about the Faith and puts the practices into play. Something extremely awesome about the Faith is that it's a mystery. So no matter how many degrees you have in Theology and Philosophy you will still learn new things about it until death and still so much more that you can't even comprehend, and that intrigues me. I love learning new things, especially if those things have become a huge part of my life.

^A beautiful little Chapel located on Franciscan's campus^

     Franciscan and I first kicked it off when I went there for a high school youth conference. Before I begin, may I just say that the campus is just beautiful. As you can see the Chapel is so adorable and just behind the Chapel they had the Stations of the Cross. The campus is filled with Catholic elements and I just completely adore that. At the conference people who attend Franciscan told us about the college and had people who would talk to you about Franciscan and it got a sparked started within me (even though I had no idea what I was going to major in). 
    What completely got me sold was multiple things including:
  • They see the integration of faith and reason as necessary for discovering the fullness of truth
  • Have over 20 Franciscan friar who are active on campus 
  • They have Mass 3 times a day, once in Latin
  • As you see, they have Chapels on campus
  • The Households give you a way to experience a way of living, learning, playing, praying in Christ-centered unity, and you form intense, wholesome friendships with others whose values complement yours.
  • They have a household just for the women or men who are discerning religious life (How awesome!)
  • They have abundant student clubs and activities to choose from including: missions, film club, ministry, womanhood missions, and so much more.
The only problems I have encountered is that they don't allow pets (I can't leave Zeke with my family) and my mom believes I'm going to meet a nice wholesome good man, fall in love, get married, and remain in Ohio. I keep on trying to tell her if that ever happens we will certainly move back to nice, old Louisiana. She's still not convinced. It's also very pricey but I'm going to get any scholarships they offer, loans, grants, whatever it takes. I just have to have faith that the Lord will make a way for me if that's His plan. Who knows, the Lord can direct me to another path. But as for now, I'm sticking to Franciscan (as you can tell from my cheesy title). I've actually already filled out the application and I'm ready to send it off, once I become a senior of course.
    It's so pertinent to choose things in life that will not lead you away from God and from your faith, and college could just do that to you, as with any decision. When you live in your faith all you ever gain is a closer and stronger relationship with Christ and a better understanding of your faith.

I pray that You may become more, and I may become less. +JMJ+

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