The Courageous Cloistered Carmelites of Covington

St. Therese of Lisieux pray for us.

     Today I had the privilege of visiting the Cloistered Carmelites of Covington (tongue twister for sure). These women, as all who choose to live for Christ, were so beautiful. You would think that since they are cloistered they must get lonely, bored, and whatever else this moderate society believes silence is; actually these sisters have all said that joining this way of life has given them so much peace within their hearts and that Jesus has far surpassed their expectations of religious life. He provides for His beloved, doesn't He? They are all so joyful and have this amazing beauty about them. I know I have asked myself so many times, "How the heck are they so joyful? They don't have a husband, kids, they are CLOISTERED, they don't get to go on vacations, etc." I believe that the reason for this joy is because they are DOING what Christ, Himself has called them to do. Think about it, if you do what Christ is calling you to do then surely He won't leave you in the dust to figure it out for yourself; rather He would give you everything you desire, because the only thing you desire when you come to this spiritual point in your life is Christ's desire for you.
     These particular sisters vowed to (if I remember correctly) prayer, obedience, and chastity. Their whole life is dedicated to prayer to Our Lord for those out in this world.. US! How amazing is it to think that these people, who you have no clue about, have dedicated their lives to prayer for you and everyone else. You may think "Big whoop, they pray for me. I pray for my grandma every night." Reality check: prayer is the most important action any human being can make. I like to think of these sisters as prayer warriors. Which everyone can become, you don't have to be a sister, priest, or whatever else your neighbor is.


Just a door

  My favorite part of this day ,besides Mass and hanging out with the Carmelites, would have to be meeting young women who are all going through the process of discernment. It gives me this closure inside that I am not the only one questioning what God truly desires for my life. Another amazing thing that happened today was that this woman named Gertrude ,who came down from Canada 2 weeks ago to live in Louisiana, announced to us and also to the Sisters that she wanted to stay and become a Carmelite. Funny thing is that her parents don't even know she's discerning with the sisters. They know she's in Louisiana but apparently don't know about her whereabouts. Super courageous on her part. I totally admire her for that. May I just say #amazingday.

Yay for vocations!

Humble me, Lord.   +JMJ+

 "She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue." 
Proverbs 31:26

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