Excuse Me While I Fall For You

Every girl has this image in her mind of her prince charming. Her perfect man. Some may think of Channing Tatum just because he's hot, and some may think of a more moral guy who hasn't taken part in a stripper movie like Ryan Gosling(; Being beside the point… We have this fantasy of a man who is close to perfect, and as we grow up we stop believing that this fantasy guy exist. So what do we do? Find someone who fits temporarily. We stoop for people we never intended to make exceptions on. Especially if the guy is super cute and has a gorgeous smile. Sometimes you can't help yourself and actually want to stoop, even though you know this will not be good in the long run. YOLO. The truth is (in my perspective) if he isn't genuinely kind to others and is disrespectful then he is NOT worth any of your time and possibly other things that you never intended to be broken. Give him time to mature a bit. All I'm saying is, that if he doesn't have a good, moral character then what's to fall in love with? Appearances don't last forever. I have had personal experiences (and still do) where the person's attitudes and actions make them unattractive in every single way.  It's so important to fall in love with someone who respects everyone including you, their parents, and themselves. And the best way to attract a respectful guy is to be respectful. Be what you want in others.

     As for me, I'm looking for a guy who will put God above all things and love Him more than anything. And that is including him loving God above me. Someone said to me, "How could you ever want? I want my husband to be in love with me fully and give me the attention I need." I thought that that was funny and a bit ironic if I'm using that term correctly. I thought to myself, "Well if he loved God above you, he would have this deeper love for you and for all of God's creation. He would cherish you as a true gift and find joy within you." Now, honestly, that doesn't sound that bad to me. I just think it makes sense. It fits. It should be what every woman desires in man and every man desires in a woman . We should be loved and desired how God wants His daughter to be loved by a man. We shouldn't have to stoop to the next best thing and get hurt. It makes me sincerely sad to see all these girls getting hurt by these guys who made them think that they were only good enough for them for a certain amount of time. Because it's not true. God intended for relationships, for marriages, to be a symbol of His undying, eternal love for you. All I want to say is wait, be patient upon the Lord. He will give you someone who is perfect for you, and you only. Be patient. As the evil "mother" in Tangled said, "Good things come to those who wait."

I haven't lost hope yet and I have been waiting for 17 years and when I even think about stooping for this guy ,I keep on reminding myself that if I can do it for 17 years, I can wait two more years. The reason I say two more years is because I'll be out of New Roads and have a way better selection of guys to pick from, and holy men at that (in Ohio). Living in a small town all of her life doesn't do much justice for a girl who is looking for a guy who hasn't been with all of the girls at school. It also doesn't help because you start to lose hope that good, moral men even exist. You start to believe that they went extinct in the 70's. But I can't judge, they do have truly good guys in this small town. I just haven't really found them yet, or maybe I better say- I haven't searched for them. My mind is elsewhere than having a relationship with a boy and has been for some time. It's not what I focus on, rather I look towards what God wants me to do and try to become the woman He wants me to become first. Then, maybe, I'll give a second thought to a guy. I honestly don't think about the boyfriend part, I just skip to the engagement/marriage part and what my expectations are of my husband, not a boyfriend. Other key points I want him to have is a good pair of feet(dancing wise), and a good sense of humor(not perverted wise) and also be super adventurous.I'm always up for an adventure. It would be good to have someone who can either calm me down a bit or just be the same kind of crazy with me. I don't plan on calming down though.(;
     Anyways, just give it time. As I said before, everything will fall into place. You do not need a boyfriend to maintain happiness. A key note is to just have faith in Christ and enjoy the time and the people He gives you in the present.  I always find that extremely hard to do because I'm so wrapped up in other things that I don't realize what a blessing my life is and how I should cherish it every moment. It gets pretty difficult to tell yourself that when you have two insane brothers destroying your room frequently, but that's just the way my life is and I've come to accept it. No matter what, anytime I'm gone I always look forward to being in this crazy house of mine and having to hug "Teddy" a million times. So enjoy your family and friends while you have them and don't worry about the future. Seek the will of God.

Awesome advice from the book:
"How to Find Your Soulmate without Losing Your Soul"

--The higher the love, the more demands will be made on us (women) to conform to that idea. To a great extent the level of any civilization is the level of it's woman hood. When a man loves a woman, he has to become worthy of her. The higher her virtue, the more noble the character, the more devoted she is to truth, justice, and goodness, the more a man has to aspire to be worthy of her. The history of civilization can actually be written in terms of the level of it's women.

-Patience is important not only waiting for the right time to start a relationship, but also in allowing it to unfold at a healthy pace. Impatience rushes everything. It urges us to skip the time and attention a healthy friendship requires and to jump into emotional and physical intimacy.

- -Love your body. Love your future husband. Love God. - Do these things and your path will become clear in time.

-Love as experience should be subordinated to love as virtue, so much so that without love as virtue there can be no fullness in the experience of love.

--NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS THAN YOU DESERVE BECAUSE YOU'RE AFRAID THAT NOTHIN BETTER WILL COME ALONG. What you really should be afraid of is how much of your life is passing you by because you're too busy doing things that are beneath your dignity.

(last one, I promise) 
I love this saying
****If a woman raises her standards, will she find herself alone? Initially, she probably will. Although it may sound counterproductive, a woman must deliberately decrease her odds of finding a guy in order to increase her odds of finding a soulmate.****

That book is amazing. I advise everyone should go read it. 

Let there be no doubt that You honor those who honor You, and that You always give Your best to those who leave the choice with You.

"For charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;
 but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised."
Proverbs 31:30

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, pray for us.
^Also a fellow convert to the Catholic Church.^ <3

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