Lord, I need You

I have been dwelling, lately, on my neediness for Christ and how much I fail to give everything to Him.  Even though I pray those words of self-giving I never feel that my heart is truly able to accept the fact and is unwilling to go through with the prayer. "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak" sort of deal. During the day my life is so not focused around Christ and what He desires of me. It's always my will during the day and at night when I reflect upon those things I get frustrated at my lack of love and trust towards God. I know everyone, or most everyone, may go through this so I will share my prayer of neediness in Christ in my life to you all. Feel free to pray this whenever you need. May God bless you so much!!

Dear LORD,
     Thank You so much for all of the blessings and miracles You have given me throughout this life, including all of the people You have blessed me with. I don't and can't thank You enough for being so good to me. I love You so much and I wish to only find my hope and love in You. Help me not to look towards worldly goods as my comforts, but only to You, Oh Jesus. My heart really does long to love others and to love You as You have so loved me. Even though I will fail time and time again, help me to not lose courage and faith. I wish to please only You and do only whatever You will me to do. Help me grow in love and humility towards others and give me words only You wish to be spoken through me. Help me not to judge others- but only love them and pray for them. Help me to control my anger and grow tremendously in patience. LORD, help me and guide me in the path my soul was destined to take. I pray that I will be radiantly willing to accept whatever you ask of me and through that only to glorify You, Oh GOD. Help me to maintain silence, peace, and simplicity within my heart so that my actions, thoughts, and words will not be in vain and of my own. Look upon your daughter/son with love, mercy, and understanding. Keep me safe in Your Most Sacred Heart and Mary, dear Mother hear my prayer and intercede through my prayer to your most Beloved Son, Jesus. Give me strength, willingness, and passion to go on. I wish to only love You. Amen.

Your Beloved
-Zoë Jumonville-

-Blessed Virgin, pray for us!-
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