Marching for the Unborn, or for Me? Experience 2 of 3

Now I know it's been awhile since the March, but I still want to share with you the blessings Christ gave to me during my second time at the March for Life. Hopefully I will be able to go next year, but more hopefully I wish there would be no need for a next year! 

Getting to the point…

I was SOOOOO pumped up for this March For Life. Things would be so much different now that I got to experience the Mass fully, I was ready. I had my bags packed for 2 weeks before the March and had the countdown for it and everything. To say the least, I had no hesitation waking up that morning to get on that bus. (Maybe because I didn't go to sleep.. just kidding, I slipped a few hours in there.)

(Hahah, just a funny picture from the Smithsonian Museum from the March)

The March was absolutely amazing but rather than share the places we went and what we did. I want to share about the things that touched my heart greatly on that trip. 

Let me start off with...

- The Sacrament of Confession

The Sacrament of Confession is such a gift from God and through this Sacrament on the March for Life I was able to fully love again. Love Christ, myself, and others like He calls us to do. But before that, I was failing miserably at truly loving and it was frustrating me because I KNEW I needed to love but I just didn't feel like it or anger got the best of me. I was struggling a lot in my relationships because I wasn't loving, and of course it was affecting them (others) negatively too. I could see it and I didn't like it, but I had no want to change it. It was too much of a struggle to even try to love, it was so much easier to just give in to anger. But Jesus - through the Sacrament of Confession - let me experience His mercy, His forgiveness, and His love. He helped me to fully love again through Him. It was awesome. I couldn't wait to go home and give my brothers a kiss.

Nothing is impossible through Christ, even loving when it seems like it's a worthless cause. It was just so refreshing and it gave me a new heart to love others. Now of course I went home and tried my best to love and then, of course, I fell away and gave in to anger and failed time and time again to love like I always do; but something so important with Reconciliation is that it's always there for those sins that will always come back. Jesus is there ready to make new His beloved. 

Numerous amounts of people don't go to Reconciliation because "I just say the same sins over and over again. I don't see the point" or they go and say the same sins but aren't truly sorry for those sins that they've committed again. Reconciliation is for those sins, too!!! 

I always see the Sacrament of Confessions is that push in the race to Heaven. (Just to give you a mental image) Here you are, running with all of these sins burdened upon you, struggling not to stop and then when you go to Confession, Jesus takes all of these sins off of you so that you may better run the race, and as to run the race with Him by your side. It's that push start that He wants to give us over and over again, so that we may finish the race with and through Him. (Let us run the race and never give up - Hebrews 12:1) That's the way I see the Sacrament.

But on the other hand, Monsignor Berggreen used an extravagant analogy describing the Sacrament of Confession. Say you have a baby that makes a dirty diaper, you are going to change the diaper even though you know that the baby will dirty another diaper. You won't let the baby sit in it's own filth. Same with Confession and those sins you commit over and over again. Even though you know you will fail and do those same sins ,because yes, we are human, it is important that you go to Confession and make known that you are still going to strive to not do it and that you are sorry and disgusted with the sin. It's so much more freeing when you are made clean again then just sitting in the filth of sin. 

(Whoa, sorry I didn't mean to go so much into this Sacrament. Couldn't help myself, I guess.)

- Priests are like super heroes

If most of you haven't realized, priests and seminarians have to be the most beautiful men! Including all those holy men called to marriage, but priests have a very special place in my heart. 

On the March they had this final Mass and they called forward all Priests, Deacons, Seminarians and anyone else in the priestly order. I can't tell you how many men walked down that aisle. I was seriously overwhelmed with happiness seeing these men and having them as such a huge witness to Christ's promise for us and His Church. And how lucky the Church is to have these wonderful men to serve Her and the community! I can't even put into words how thankful I am to all priests and those who live their life fulfilling God's will for His Church. And yes, priests are people too and they are not perfect at all… that is why it is SO important for us to pray for them that they may be Christ-like in everything they say and do. I could only imagine how difficult but fulfilling it is to be married to the Church. 

Yup, that happened^

These Holy men are so very important to the Catholic Church because without them there would not be the Church and the Sacraments. Now of course, it is through Jesus that we have the Church and the Sacraments, but through the Priest (in persona Christi- in the person of Christ). 

St. John Vianney put it beautifully when he said:

"Priesthood is the love of the heart of Jesus. When you see a priest, 
think of our Lord Jesus Christ."

Now, they are still humans and have the same inclination to sin as we do, so they aren't perfect(like I've stated above). When a Priest may make a mistake, instead of talking to others about him, pray for him. We all go through hard times and I could only imagine what it's like to be a Priest and have a rough day. The reason I say this is because the Church relies on him to make the Sacraments available to us and that, in itself, is a huge duty and gift to attain. So please pray for the men who have (and will) lead us to Him.

Getting to the "Priests are like super heroes" part… I honestly believe that. How can I not?! They have responded to a call from God, greater than themselves, and have given themselves to God and to His Church. I love how you can just go up to a Priest and ask for Confession and they are all for it, because a part of their vocation is us. They are the minutemen for the Church! Ready to bring Christ and His Sacraments to others in a minutes notice. They are a witness to Christ faithfulness to His Church. Although, I say the collar resembles the cape ;)

So with all of this said, let us pray fervently for the increase of vocations to priesthood, for all of the priests, and for all to come to know, understand, and love the gift of the Sacrament of Reconciliation as it was created to be.

May God bless and Mary protect.

Dear Lord, thank you for the desires of the Truth and all that the Truth holds within.
 I thank you for Your Priests, and I ask that you may grant them mercy and love.
 Keep close the Sacrament of Confession within the hearts of your people 
and help them to always strive the holiness that you are calling us to. 
Give us the strength and courage to give ourselves to others,
 so that we may lead others to You.
 I love You. 

"Rejoice in your hope, 
be patient in tribulation, 
be constant in prayer."
 -Romans 12:12

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